We have qualified consultants who are experts in their field.


It has been recognized that employers throughout South Africa do not have the necessary expertise to guide them through the maze of Legislation governing Labour Relations, nor do they have the time.

Labour Advice and Dispute Resolution Centre ( LADRC ) is a facility provided by a consultant and expert  in his field. It has been recognized that employers throughout South Africa do not have the necessary expertise to guide them through the maze that it is our Legislation governing Labour Relations, nor do they have the time.

LADRC has been structured to provide an easy to use, effective guide for employers in ensuring that all aspects of our Labour Law are complied with. From Contracts of Employment, Conditions of Service and Organizational procedures, through to Retrenchments, Employment Equity and Strike Management/

LABOUR ADVICE IR Services are provided by our qualified and experienced Industrial Relations consultant who proactively seeks to mitigate risks within your business and reduce conflict as well as add value to business operations by implementing practical solutions that assist management in coping with Labour Legislation requirements.  

LABOUR ADVICE ensures the effectiveness of management intervention in the handling of misconduct in the workplace by making sure that the correct processes and procedures are followed and providing sound guidance and;

  • representation for disciplinary actions and grievances
  • Private Arbitrations, Mediations & Facilitations.
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Preparation of customized Policies & Procedures
  • Union Negotiations
  • Advice on Skills Development, Employment Equity & OHS Acts
  • Preparation of Service contracts/Letters of appointment
  • CCMA preparation
  • We provide customized HR and IR training
  • Parenting plans, Co-habitation Agreements, Settlement Plans and Family Mediation




Main Services


Industrial Relations / Human Resources Audit
Complete internal Audit to assess the level of legislative compliance. This Audit will be done at your business premises.

Contracts of Employment
Preparation of service contracts/letters of employment. Our Consultant will also explain the contracts to employees should it be required by the employer.

Assistance at CCMA
Assistance of clients at all levels of the CCMA, Bargaining Council and or Private arbitration hearings.

Training in Procedure
Training of employers, managers and supervisors in the following fields: Initiating disciplinary hearings, Performance management and various others upon request. A nominal fee will be charged for this service

Preparation of Policies
Preparation of policies and procedures as requested by the client.

Union Negotiations
Conduct wage negotiations with Unions and conflict resolution on behalf of the business owner. Recognition agreement negotiations and agreement contracts. May also mediate/facilitate negotiations if preferred.

Strike Management
Assistance with contingency planning, strike diaries, legality of action taken by employers and settlement negotiations.

Liaison Department of Labour
Handle Department of Labour matters on behalf of the employer, including UIF applications. We do not render any Foreign Workers applications on your or your employee’s behalf.

Legal Help Line
Free 24-hour access to telephonic, e-mail and fax help line to address immediate Labour issues.

IR Assistance
Assistance with regard to counseling, disciplinary hearings, dismissals, restructuring negotiations and appeal hearings.

Chairing of  Disciplinary Hearings
Our experienced Labour Law Practioner will Chair all your hearings for you, ensuring a fair and unbiased hearing.

Skills Development
Help desk and advice with regard to Skills Development Act, 1998.

Employment Equity Act
Assistance to designated employers with initiation of plans and reports as required by the Employment Equity Act, 1998. We operate in all sectors in the Northern Kwa Zulu Natal area as well as Volksrust, Memel and Vrede.

Human Resources
The Company is managed by M/s Estelle Russell, and her spouse Rob is the consultant



Please feel free to contact us for further information, terms and conditions.  



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